Mental Health in the Workplace

When it comes to professions that fall under the umbrella term of “business,” there are a number of possibilities. However, there are also several underlying commonalities that unite these otherwise disparate jobs. For example, money is always a central component of business, as you can surmise. Another important factor that features in all “business” jobs is stress. Workplace stress is a universal problem, and it’s one we don’t always take seriously. And, business jobs are no different, and, in fact, they can be some of the most stressful jobs there are, as when money changes hands, mistakes can cost all parties involved large sums of cheddar. Therefore, you’re going to want to combat the stresses of your business career if you’re going to maintain your mental health, and here’s the dirty little secret of mental health: it translates almost directly to physical health and vice versa. Here are some tips to help keep your head above water when you’re working in the high stakes world of business.

First and foremost, exercise and rest are both excellent ways of boosting morale and improving your mood. Mental health is not your mood; let’s not get it twisted. However, there is irrefutable a strong lik between the two. While we think of depression as a temporary mood that equates to extreme sadness, it’s actually a long term illness that involves extreme sadness, certainly, but also entails lethargy and apathy, even when your mood is neutral or even positive. However, at the end of the day, mental illness can be staved off or alleviated by both rest and exercise. Therefore, one way to take care of your mind and body simultaneously is to invest in some fitness aids from to help you get in shape, or even bulk up, to both improve your physical health and improve your mood and mental health. Another way to improve your health, your mood, and your mental health, is to simply take more time to rest. We don’t often take the time out of our day to simply stop and smell the roses, instead choosing to always keep busy, and while that may seem necessary in a world that’s all about money (and time is money), the truth is that simply doing nothing, or just having some low stakes, low energy fun can be exactly what you need to better ensure future income, as maintaining good mental health is a vital component of your working life.

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